KCBH Supported Charities

The Kennel Club of Beverly Hills fully supports the following charities through donations and volunteer work:  AKC Humane Fund, AKC Reunite, Cavalier Health Fund, Collie Health Foundation, Canine Health Foundation, The AKC Museum of the Dog.

Take The Lead

Take The Lead provides direct services, support and care for people in the sport of purebred dogs who suffer the devastation of life-threatening or terminal illness. Perhaps no one can describe who we are and what we do better than someone we have helped along the way.

We welcome your support. Take The Lead relies upon membership, donations and fundraising events held around the country. There are many ways that you can help: through your donations, by becoming a member and being a participant in fundraising events.

AKC Humane Fund

Pets touch our lives in so many ways. That’s why the AKC Humane Fund’s mission is to support various pet related causes across the nation. The AKC Humane Fund unites all animal lovers by promoting the joy and value of responsible pet ownership through education, outreach and grant-making. Every day, we work hard to give back to dogs on a broad and sustainable scale but nobody can do it alone. It takes a community of dog lovers working together to make a difference.

AKC Reunite

As the nation’s largest non-profit pet microchip and recovery service, our mission is to keep pet microchipping and enrollment affordable, with no annual fees, so more lost pets can find their way home.

Since 1995 our microchips, collar tags and 24/7/365 recovery experts have helped reunite over 500,000 lost pets with their owners. Over seven million pets (35+ different species!) are enrolled with AKC Reunite. It is our mission to provide quality products and services that ultimately protect and reunite pets with their owners and prevent pets from populating our nation’s shelters.

Collie Health Foundation

It is an “IRS 501(c)3 non-profit” corporation that receives its funds through membership donations, fund-raising activities and other contributions such as $1 from every CCA member’s dues. The larger the Foundation’s membership becomes, the more generous its grants for research can be. In essence, the Foundation has filled a large void, as prior to its establishment, the club’s commitment to medical research was very limited. Many other breed clubs, including the American Kennel Club, have followed suit and established their own Health Foundations (AKC/CHF), using the CHF as the role model. The Collie Club of America was and is a leader in this area.

AKC Canine Health Foundation

The American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation supports research that will improve the health and lives of all dogs. The Foundation achieves this by awarding grants to scientists and professionals in research that address the origins of canine illness, the diagnosis of canine diseases, the development of effective treatments and the identification of disease prevention strategies.

The AKC Museum of the Dog

The AKC Museum of the Dog preserves, interprets and celebrates the role of dogs in society and educates the public about the human-canine bond through its collection of art and exhibits that inspire engagement with dogs.

Founded in 1982, the AKC Museum of the Dog was originally located in The New York Life Building at 51 Madison Avenue as a part of the AKC headquarters. In 1987, the Museum of the Dog was moved to a new location in Queeny Park, West St. Louis County, Missouri. After over 30 great years at Queeny Park, the decision was made to bring the Museum back to its original home and reunite it with the AKC headquarters and collection.

Combining fine art with high-tech interpretive displays, the Museum of the Dog’s new home at 101 Park Ave hopes to capture the hearts and minds of its visitors. Located in the iconic Kalikow building, the Museum will offer rotating exhibits featuring objects from its 1,700-piece collection and 4,000-volume library.

AKC Political Action Committee (AKC PAC)

The American Kennel Club has taken the lead in supporting legislation across the country that protects the rights of responsible dog owners. The AKC Political Action Committee gives us an additional tool with which to interface with legislators. Through this non-partisan PAC, we can demonstrate a unity of purpose that helps us advance a positive legislative agenda.

The AKC PAC collects voluntary contributions from individuals and uses these donations to support candidates who defend dog owners’ rights and can effectively influence legislation impacting animal owners. Your donation will be pooled with contributions from AKC club members across the country to strengthen our support for reasonable, enforceable laws that protect the health and welfare of purebred dogs and do not restrict the rights of breeders and owners who take their responsibilities seriously.

Contributions to this fund are not deductible on federal tax returns. Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year*. The maximum annual contribution to the AKC PAC is $5,000. All contributions are voluntary.

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