Chihuahuas possess loyalty, charm, and big-dog attitude. Compact and confident, Chihuahuas are ideal city pets.

Study of the breed’s origin have uncovered Chihuahua-like images in many parts and times of the world, including China, Egypt, Europe, Malta, Mexico, and South America; some dating, perhaps, from the ninth century. Many historians have documented similar-appearing little dogs found in artifacts, written descriptions, and art works, including a 1400’s Botticelli painting in the Sistine Chapel!

Chihuahua history in the United States began in the mid-1800’s when Americans began acquiring the dogs in Mexico. Many were purchased from the area of Chihuahua, ergo, the breed’s name, Chihuahua. Both varieties were popular and the presence of a molera (open fontanel) was a breed characteristic.

General Appearance

A graceful, alert, swift-moving little dog with saucy expression, compact, and with terrier-like qualities of temperament


Alert, projecting the ‘terrier-like’ attitudes of self importance, confidence, self reliance. Chihuahuas should approach others (dogs and people) with confidence and interest, even impudence, with no evidence of shyness or fright. The flattening of ears against the head is a greeting behavior and should not be interpreted as fear or hesitance.

The true temperament of each dog is more accurately observed when it is interacting in the ring with the exhibitors and other dogs than while being examined on the table.

Chihuahuas may “spar” in the ring. This does not mean actual fighting. It is not at all unusual to see two dogs nose to nose exhibiting the very alert challenging posture typical of terriers.


A well balanced dog not to exceed 6 pounds.


The Chihuahua is a breed shown in two coat varieties, Long and Smooth. There must be a distinct, easily recognizable coat difference between the varieties. A long coated specimen must be truly long coated. The two varieties are based SOLEY on COAT – everything else is IDENTICAL.


Any color – Solid, marked or splashed.

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